Our Story

Established in 2014, Moody Engineering evolved from the civil engineering department of Moody Nolan, Inc., the largest African American owned architecture firm in the US. From 1984 to 2014, engineers from Moody Nolan built an extensive portfolio and developed the professional staff now at Moody Engineering. Today, the staff work as consultants and master planners in the predevelopment phases; as engineers and technical advisors during the critical site development and permitting phases; and as representatives during construction. Whether it’s site planning and development, storm water management, or traffic and roadway engineering, we deliver exceptional results. We’re professional engineers and we look forward to serving you!

Built from a square...
Our logo plays off the symmetrical use of geometric, bold and clean lines, paying subtle homage to the scientific and mathematical principles that are the foundation of engineering. Beginning with a square, the logo mark is sliced into 45 degree right triangles, creating a distinctive “M” outline. By reducing the triangles to 50 percent, the final shape is formed, creating a modern look. Much like our logo, we take the same approach when working with clients. We use engineering fundamentals to deliver elegant solutions that our clients love.